About US

Company Introduction:

CPR Healthcare Training Academy, a team of skilled medical professionals determined to form an organization for availing first aid training. CPR healthcare basic aim is helping first aid and emergency care. The foundation of company is to save life in case of cardiac arrest.

The academy supports training individuals every year in first aid training. Having state of art supplies, trained instructors, and EMS experience in every program. The courses are designed such that along with health care professional even non-health care individuals are catered and trained. The training is provided to help the patient in any condition or situation. The peculiarity to teach both single rescuer and team with basic life support skills equipped with state of art facilities.

Training Aids :

The academy is equipped with high-quality manikins and simulators for the training programs, as well as advanced training kits, stretchers, simulating realistic injuries and bleeds. We work with the belief: practical knowledge is beneficial with apt theoretical data. Every individual is trained on manikins during the course for better learning and understanding.

We conduct workshop of 4-5 hours duration for any healthcare providers like Corporate Sector, Industry Workers, Schools, Police-men, Firemen, Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, First Aid Volunteers, Non-Medical Personnel, etc.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to reach and train ample number of people eligible for FIRST AID TRAINING with the Mission in saving life in case of emergency of an individual.

Courses:  CPR Healthcare Training Academy course are designed for Healthcare /Non-Healthcare professionals, and to train first responders, who provide care to patients in a wide variety of both in-facility and pre-hospital set-ups or by those that require BLS certification and CPR training to enter a healthcare-related training program.


1)      Audio-Visual Demos .
2)      Hands-on Experience Using Imported Manikins
3)      Use of AMBU Bags for Rescue Breathing
4)      Use of Automated External Defibrillators
5)      The technique of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Our Team

As a team we are expert and eminent medical professionals. Our trainers are the backbone of CPR Healthcare Training Academy and our main reason to succeed. We receive appreciations from delegates, clients; especially for the well-designed learning atmosphere created by our trainers. The trainer’s remarkable experience, subject knowledge, attitude towards safety and the flare for engaging with the student community makes CPR Healthcare Training Academy unique. The profiles of our skillful trainers who hold the strong pillars of CPR Healthcare Training Academy can be viewed.

Dr. Jyoti Shendge – : MBBS; DGO; IDCCM (Indian Diploma in Critical care Medicine) Pune and AHA Trainer for BLS, ACLS, ITLS and an Intensivist at one of the leading Hospitals at Pune.

Dr. Jyoti Shendge is the founder of our Organization having more than 20 years of experience in the field of Medical Sciences and similar experience in the field of Training at Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences at Pune.  She has conducted more than 200 Training Programs as per

American Heart Association Guidelines for
1.      BLS – Basic Life support and First
2.      ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support
3.      ITLS – International Trauma Life Support

Dr. Hrishikesh Mahadik – MBBS, Diploma in Orthopaedics and AHA Qualified Trainer.

Dr. Mahadik is a practicing Surgeon in Orthopedics and qualified to undertake Training for all the First Aid and CPR Courses as per AHA Guidelines. Dr. Mahadik is attached to leading Orthopedic Hospitals in and around Pune city. 

Dr. Pooja Mahadik  – Masters in Dental Surgery – Periodontics and AHA Qualified Trainer

Dr. Pooja-Mahadik is a practicing Dentist and has all the qualifications and experience to impart training as per AHA Guidelines for the various Courses. Dr. Pooja-Mahadik is attached to Dental Medical College in Pune as an academic Professor.

Mr. Rajesh Tiwari – Masters in Marketing and International Business  

Mr. Tiwari has excellent entrepreneurial expertise and excellent as a team player with many reputed organizations. Has tremendous experience in marketing, brand promotion and sales. He is backbone of the Organisation to ensure smooth functioning of the organization and Training Programs.

Mr. Rajesh Tiwari as well is qualified as BLS Trainer as per AHA Guidelines.